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What makes Mustang Woodcrafters different? 
First off, we have the only lifetime warranty with wooden guncarts out there. 

Mustang Woodcrafters has been hand making our carts for more than 16 years. We spend time going into details with your carts. We value you and thank you for your business. 

We use Alder wood for the construction of all of our guncarts. Alder wood is a nice wood that works well, has a long life, is light weight, and very strong. We order our wood from a local distributer who mills their lumber from trees fallen in the USA. In our shop is where the magic happens. We are located in Troy, OH. USA, and we work the lumber into a beautifully crafted cart. 

We use dominoes and pocket hole screws to secure all joints. This involves cutting a rectangular hole in two pieces of wood and glueing in a domino shaped piece of wood securing a rigid and permeant hold. It's then combined with extra holding power with pocket hole screws. Here is a cut-away showing this process.  
We also carpet and pad all parts of the cart where your gun may come into contact with the cart. We pad the bottom of the lower unit so the butts of your guns aren't damaged. We add a foam tube around the axle, and pad the backs of all the cart with matching vinyl. Latches and thumb screws hold the entire cart together and expedite setup and teardown with ease in seconds without tools.  
All of the boxes are put together using the same "box joints". This kind of jointing allows for a long lasting, sturdy, and rugged design. The box joints look great and are period appropriate.